Hello! I’m Elle Masri, a photographer and blogger based out of San Diego, California. I first picked up my mother’s camera over 10 years ago and never gave it back. Since then, I have studied under one of San Diego’s top photographers. I was later hired by a local company to photograph equestrian events and have now been working for Captured Moment Photography for almost eight years. Not only do I work for an amazing company covering events, I spend my own time capturing portraits and travel photographs. My camera has been all over the world – from Bolivia during community service trips, to cities all over Europe while studying and working abroad.

When I don’t have a camera in hand, you can find me either at my real job, riding horses, hiking, or spending time with friends and family. And if none of those are the case, hopefully I’m traveling!

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3 thoughts on “BEHIND THE LENS

  1. Hi Elle!
    It’s Cyndi Pokal.
    I still need to do Megan’s senior pictures.
    Let me know what you are doing now?

  2. Elle– your work is beautiful!! Do you sell prints? If you are ever on the east coast, would love to arrange for some shots of our kiddos!
    Your cousin– Stef

    • Hi Steph!
      I will hopefully be out on the east coast in the spring!! I’ll contact you to set something up then 🙂

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